Lettre originale des chefs nègres révoltés

« The Lakou

The “Lettre originale des chefs nègres révoltés” is a very important historical document from the era of the Haitian Revolution because it disproves the idea that Haiti’s revolutionaries were just a bunch of savages who only knew how to fight, who didn’t have higher aspirations or abstract ideas of liberty or freedom. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Authors: The letter was signed by Jean-François, Biassou, and Gabriel Belair, who were leaders of the revolt.
  2. Content: The letter made an explicit appeal to the ideal of a community of equals. This vision of a multiracial Saint-Domingue was a precursor to the later vision of Toussaint Louverture.
  3. Impact: The letter is seen as a significant document in the history of the Haitian Revolution, reflecting the aspirations and demands of the enslaved Africans who were fighting for their freedom.
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