Root Causes of Haiti’s Underdevelopment

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  • Dupuy, A. (2019). Haiti In The World Economy: Class, Race, And Underdevelopment Since 1700. Routledge.
  • Best, L. A. (1968). Outlines of a Model of Pure Plantation Economy. Social and Economic Studies, 17(3), 283–326.

The Importance of Mental Models

  • Discussions on Haiti’s underdevelopment often start and end with a catalog of its symptoms and then nothing follows.
  • Understanding and discussing Haitian history requires more than a Buzzfeed list—empty carbs for the brain.
  • Complex subjects require mental models.
  • Here are the four mental models the scholars created: dependency theory, world-system theory, modes of production theory, and plantation economy theory.
  • During the 1960s and 70s, a group of scholars from the University of the West Indies offered a modified version of the dependency theory, a very useful mental model that helped them understand “…the causes and persistence of underdevelopment in Latin American & the Caribbean.”
  • We are going to use the modified version of the plantation economy theory to help us understand why Haiti’s underdevelopment remains so stubbornly entrenched.
  • only the will we see the throughlines between current Haitian underdevelopment and its colonial past.
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