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  • Rada Rite

    The Rada Rite is a significant and well-established tradition within Haitian Vodou. It originated from the Rada people of the Bight of Benin, an area known for its rich cultural and spiritual practices. The Rada Rite is considered the oldest and foundational rite in Haitian Vodou. In the Rada Rite, practitioners honor and interact with ancestral spirits

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  • Founder Principle

    The Founder Principle is a concept within the context of spirit migration in Haitian Vodou. It refers to the idea that a select group of spirits from the Rites of the Bight of Benin migrated to the Rites of West Central Africa and became key influencers and contributors to the spiritual practices in their new

  • Spirit Migration

    Ah, spirit migration, the cosmically hilarious game of “Guess Who’s Transcending” played by the spirits of Haitian Vodou. Picture it: a spirited group of supernatural beings from the Rites of the Bight of Benin (Rada, Nago) saying “Adieu!” to their homeland and embarking on a one-way trip to the Rites of West Central Africa (Zandò,

  • Vodou Asogwe

    Vodou Asogwe is like the big boss of Haitian Vodou traditions. It’s one of the most well-known and significant traditions in Haiti. What makes Asogwe Vodou special is that it combines different African religious practices into one cohesive system. In Asogwe Vodou, they believe in one big God called Bondye, and they also worship intercessor

  • Sèvitè Priests

  • Vodou Lakou

  • Vodou Makout/Makousi